Hacettepe University

Hacettepe University is a leading state university in Ankara, Turkey. It was established on 8 July 1967. It is ranked first among the Turkish universities by URAP in 2021.[2]

Hacettepe University
Hacettepe Üniversitesi
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MottoTo the leading edge... Toward being the best...
TypePublic University
Academic affiliations
RectorMehmet Cahit Güran[1]
Administrative staff
CampusUrban, 21 hectares (52 acres)
Suburban, 588 hectares (1,453 acres)
Sporting affiliations
Hacettepe Üniversitesi
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The university has two main campuses. The first campus is in the old town of Ankara and hosts the Medical Centre, and the second one, Beytepe Campus is 13 km (8 mi) from the city centre. The Beytepe Campus covers 6,000,000 m2 (600 ha; 1,483 acres) of green land and woodland, and hosts the faculties of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Law, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Letters, and Science. In addition to these two main campuses, the School of Social Work is at Keçiören, and the Turkish State Conservatory in Ankara, affiliated with the university as of 1982, is at the Beşevler Campus.[3]

General informationEdit


The Hittite stag, which served as the inspiration for the Hacettepe University emblem

The history of Hacettepe University can be traced back to the establishment of the Institute of Child Health on 8 July 1958, and the inauguration of the Hacettepe Children's Hospital founded by Prof. Dr. İhsan Doğramacı. In 1961 the School of Health Sciences and its divisions of Nursing, Medical Technology, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation and Nutrition were opened, all centered on the Institute of Child Health.

On 15 June 1963, Hacettepe University, Faculty of Medicine was established and a general teaching hospital was built. Three months later Hacettepe University School of Dentistry was established.

In the summer of 1964, a School of Basic Sciences was opened, offering courses in the natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities. At the time, all Hacettepe teaching institutions were affiliated to Ankara University and grouped under the title "Hacettepe Science Center".

Hacettepe University was chartered through Act No. 892 of the Turkish Parliament on 8 July 1967. Hacettepe Institutes of Higher Education formed the core of Hacettepe University, and the Faculties of Medicine, Science and Engineering, and Social and Administrative sciences were established.

In 1969 Hacettepe School of Pharmacy and Health Administration were established. In 1971 with a reorganization, the former schools were given faculty status and thus they became the Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Science. In 1973 the School of Technology was established. In I982 the former faculties were reorganized as the Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences and the Ankara State Conservatory was affiliated to Hacettepe University. In 1984 the School of Health services and in 1989 the School of Sport Sciences and Technology were established. Recently in 1998 the two Polatli; Vocational Schools and Kaman Vocational School have been established.[4]

Official SealEdit

The emblem of the university was designed in 1967 by Dr. Yücel Tanyeri, then a second year medical student, in the likeness of a stag – the symbol of a Hittite deity discovered at the royal tombs in Alacahöyük. Inspired by this archeological symbol common to the region, the Stag was chosen as the symbol of the university, and was abstracted to represent a lowercase "h" – the first letter of the university's name.[5]


University rankings
Global – Overall
ARWU World[6]601–700
CWTS World[7]451
QS World[8]801–1000
RUR World[9]391
THE World[10]501–600
USNWR Global[11]532

The Best Global Universities Ranking 2019 of the U.S. News & World Report, Hacettepe University is ranked 532nd (worldwide), and it is ranked first in Turkey and 176th globally in the subject area "Clinical Medicine.[12] In 2019, University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) ranked Hacettepe University 534th in the world and best university in Turkey.[13] In QS World University Rankings 2020, it is ranked 320th in the field of "Life Sciences and Medicine".[14] Times Higher Education World University Rankings ranks Hacettepe University 501–600th in the world and 251–300th in the subject are "Clinical, pre-clinical & health" as of 2020.[15] In the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2019, Hacettepe is ranked 301–400th in "Clinical Medicine".[16]

Locally, Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine is ranked the best in the country. Based on the minimum scores required to enroll in medical school, Hacettepe University holds the top spot among state schools for longer than a decade.[17]


The Medical School on Main Campus, with old Ankara in the background.
Beytepe Campus in winter
Monument in Beytepe Campus
Central Library in Beytepe Campus
Department of Mathematics, Beytepe Campus
Faculty of Science, Beytepe Campus
Faculty of Engineering, Beytepe Campus
Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory in 1930s

Main Campus – Medical CenterEdit

Main campus is in Sıhhiye, Ankara. In this campus are the following: Faculties of Dentistry, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Institutes of Child Health, Health Sciences, Neurological Sciences, Oncology, Public Health and Population Studies, and Schools of Health Administration, HeaIth Technology, Home Economics, Nursing, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation and Health Services, Teaching Hospitals (the Adult Hospital, Ihsan Dogramaci Children's Hospital and the Oncology Hospital), a biomedical library, biomedical research units, student dormitories, sports and recreation centers and clubs.

Beytepe CampusEdit

This campus is in Beytepe. The faculties of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Letters and Natural Sciences, Institutes of History of Modern Turkey, Natural Sciences, Nuclear Sciences and Social Sciences and Schools of Foreign Languages, and the Vocational School of Technology, School of Sport Sciences and Technology, and administrative offices, library, student dormitories, sports and recreation centers are on this campus.

Hacettepe University currently has thirteen faculties, eight vocational schools, one conservatory, thirteen institutes and forty one research centres. Hacettepe University is a state university supported mainly by state funds allocated by the Turkish Parliament. Over 150 different undergraduate degree programs are offered and there are also over 200 different degree programs for postgraduate studies. The university has about 49,582 students enrolled for undergraduate studies and academic staff of 3.600.[3]

Beytepe Campus also has a large artificial forest, where different sportive activities such as trekking, mountain-biking, running can be done and it is ideal for other recreational activities.

Other campusesEdit

  • Beşevler Campus: (at the City Center) Houses the Turkish State Conservatory
  • Bala Campus: (in Bala, 67 kilometres (42 miles) south of Ankara) Houses Bala Vocational School
  • Polatlı Campus: (in Polatlı, a district 55 kilometres (34 miles) west of Ankara) Houses the Technical Sciences Vocational School, Health Services Vocational School

Academic unitsEdit

Faculties and schoolsEdit


  • Faculty of Communication
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
    • Economics
    • Business Administration
    • Family and Consumer Sciences
    • Health Administration
    • International Relations
    • Political Sciences and Public Administration
    • Public Finance
    • Social Work
  • Faculty of Education
    • Computer Education and Instructional Technologies
    • Department of Educational Sciences
      • Curriculum and Instruction
      • Educational Administration
      • Supervision, Planning and Economics
      • Psychological Counselling and Guidance
      • Testing and Evaluation in Education
    • Department of Foreign Languages Teaching
      • English Language Teaching
      • French Language Teaching
      • German Language Teaching
    • Department of Primary Education
      • Elementary Teaching
      • Mathematics Teaching
      • Pre-School Teaching
      • Science Teaching
    • Department of Science and Mathematics for Secondary Education
      • Biology Education
      • Chemistry Education
      • Mathematics Education
      • Physics Education
  • Faculty of Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Computer Engineering
    • Electrical & Electronics Engineering
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Food Engineering
    • Geological Engineering
    • Geomatics Engineering
    • Hydrogeological Engineering
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Mining Engineering
    • Nuclear Engineering
    • Physics Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering (Automotive Engineering)
  • Faculty of Fine Arts :
    • Ceramics
    • Graphic Arts
    • Interior Architecture And Environmental Design
    • Painting
    • Sculpture
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
    • Child Development
    • Nursing
    • Nutrition and Dietetics
    • Occupational Therapy
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
  • Faculty of Letters
    • American Culture and Literature,
    • Archaeology,
    • English Language and Literature,
    • French Language and Literature,
    • German Language and Literature,
    • History,
    • History of Art,
    • Information Management,
    • Linguistics,
    • Philosophy,
    • Psychology,
    • Sociology,
    • Translation and Interpreting
      • English Translation and Interpreting
      • French Translation and Interpreting
      • German Translation and Interpreting
    • Turkish Language and Literature
    • Turkish Folkloristics

The Faculty Of Letters was established as Faculty of Science and Humanities in 1967, inaugurated between 1968 and 1969 and divided into Faculty of Literature and Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences on 20 July 1982. The Faculty of Letters has the highest student population of the university and has 15 academic units. It is at Beytepe Campus, Ankara. This faculty has been publishing Edebiyat Fakültesi Dergisi since 1983. The journal is published biannually. It contains news and innovations of humanities along with essays by Turkish and international authors.

  • Faculty of Medicine
    • Medicine (Turkish Medium)
    • Medicine (English Medium)
  • Faculty of Medicine at Kastamonu
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Science
    • Actuarial Sciences
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Mathematics
    • Statistics


  • School of Foreign Languages
    • Basic English Division
    • English Preparatory Division
    • German Preparatory Division
    • French Preparatory Division
  • School of Sports Science and Technology


  • Atatürk Institute for Modern Turkish History
  • Institute of Child Health
  • Institute of Population Studies
  • Institute of Pure & Applied Sciences
  • Institute of Social Sciences
  • Institute of Health Sciences
  • Institute of Fine Arts
  • Institute of Public Health
  • Institute of Neurological Sciences
  • Institute of Nuclear Sciences
  • Institute of Oncology
  • Institute of Turkology Research
  • Environmental Research and Application Center (ERAC)

Vocational schoolsEdit

  • Bala Vocational School
  • Hacettepe Vocational School
  • Health Services Vocational School
  • Polatlı Health Services Vocational School
  • Polatlı Technical Science Vocational School
  • Social Sciences Vocational School

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