Había una vez un circo

Había una vez un circo is a 1972 Argentine musical comedy film directed by Enrique Carreras, written by Carreras and Abel Santacruz, and starring Gaby, Fofó and Miliki from the trio of Spanish clowns Los Payasos de la Tele.[1] It was scored by Tito Ribero.[2]

Había una vez un circo
Directed byEnrique Carreras
Produced byGori Muñoz
Written by
Music byTito Ribero
CinematographyAntonio Merayo
Edited byJorge Gárate
Release date
  • August 17, 1972 (1972-08-17) (Argentina)
Running time
100 min.
Country Argentina


A young girl named Andres falls ill, but really wants to go to a circus. Her father decides to invite circus performers home so that they can make his daughter feel better. The man is a widower and is planning to marry Carla. Andrea doesn't want him to marry her as she knows that the woman is only interested in his money. The girl runs away from home in protest and her father decides not marry. However, she gets kidnapped by Carla's brother who demands a ransom. Three clowns, Gaby, Fofó and Miliki, decide to rescue the girl.



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