HMS Tenedos (1812)

HMS Tenedos (1812) was a 38-gun fifth rate launched in 1812 and saw action on the eastern American coast during the War of 1812.


While harbored at Halifax, Nova Scotia Tendos during a sever winter storm on 12 November, broke free of her moorings and almost collided with two ships nearby.[1]

Tenedos, part of a fleet under the command of Sir Philip Broke, was assigned to patrol of the coast near Boston Harbor in April 1812.[2]

Tenedos was part of a fleet that captured the USS President on 15 January 1815, just outside New York Harbor.[3][4]

On 17 February 1815 the War of 1812 ended when the US Congress ratified the Treaty of Ghent and Tenedos returned one month later from patrolling the Eastern seaboard to Halifax in Nova Scotia for the final time. In August 1815, Tenedos returned home to Chatham. She was used as a convict hulk from 1843 and was broken up in 1875.[5]

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