HD 75289 b is an extrasolar planet orbiting the star HD 75289 in Vela constellation. It has a minimum mass half that of Jupiter, and it orbits in a very short orbit completing one circular revolution around the star in three and a half days.[1] By studying the starlight scientists have concluded that the planet must have an albedo less than 0.12, rather low for a gas giant. Otherwise its reflected light would have been detected.

HD 75289 b
Discovered byUdry et al.
Discovery dateFebruary 1, 1999
Radial velocity
Orbital characteristics
0.0482 ± 0.0028 AU
Eccentricity0.034 ± 0.029
3.509267 ± 0.000064 d
2,450,830.34 ± 0.48 JD
Semi-amplitude54.9 ± 1.8 m/s
Physical characteristics
Mass>0.467 ± 0.041 MJ

This planet was discovered by the Geneva Extrasolar Planet Search team using Doppler spectroscopy.[2]

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