HC Slavia Sofia

HC Slavia Sofia (Bulgarian: Славия София), Slaviya Sofiya) is an ice hockey team from the Bulgarian Hockey League based outside Sofia, Bulgaria. The team has won 19 league titles, and are a member of the Slavia Sofia sports club.

HC Slavia Sofia
CityBulgaria Sofia, Bulgaria
LeagueBulgarian Hockey League
Home arenaSlavia Ice Stadium
ColoursBlack, white
Franchise history
1919–1949NFD Slavia Sofia
1949–1951DSO Stroitel Sofia
1951–1957HK Udarnik Sofia
1957–presentSlavia Sofia


The team was founded in 1919 under the name of NFD Slavia Sofia. They competed as DSO Stroitel Sofia from 1948–1951, and six years as Udarnik Sofia, before changing their name to Slavia Sofia in 1957. The team has won nineteen Bulgarian championships, making them the most successful team in the country. They have also finished as runners-up eleven times, and won the Bulgarian Cup twelve times. The club has participated in the IIHF Continental Cup several times, and have never made it past the second round.

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