H2O is a Canadian political drama two-part miniseries that first aired on the CBC Television October 31, 2004. It starred Paul Gross and Leslie Hope, with former politician Belinda Stronach making a cameo appearance. Written by Gross and John Krizanc and directed by Charles Binamé, it was nominated for five Gemini Awards and four DGC Craft Awards. It won one Golden Nymph Award for best actor (Paul Gross).

H2O Miniseries DVD Cover.png
DVD cover
Also known asH2O: The Last Prime Minister
Written byPaul Gross
John Krizanc
Directed byCharles Binamé
StarringPaul Gross
Leslie Hope
Guy Nadon
Martha Henry
Callum Keith Rennie
Music byJack Lenz[1][2]
Country of originCanada
Original language(s)English
Producer(s)Neil Bregman
Paul Gross
Penny McDonald
Frank Siracusa
CinematographyDerick V. Underschultz
Editor(s)George Roulston[2]
Running time240 min (including commercials)
DistributorMorningstar Entertainment (DVD)
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
BudgetCAD 8,500,000[3]
Original releaseOctober 31, 2004[4]
Followed byThe Trojan Horse


In the midst of negotiations with the United States Secretary of State, the Prime Minister of Canada dies in a canoeing accident. His son Tom McLaughlin (Paul Gross) returns from overseas to deliver the eulogy at his father's state funeral. The attention it receives propels him into politics and he ultimately becomes Prime Minister. The investigation into his father's death, however, reveals that it was no accident and raises the possibility of assassination. McLaughlin accepts the U.S. President's plan to develop the Great Recycling and Northern Development Canal to help the United States with their water shortage. Sgt. Leah Collins (Leslie Hope) and Member of Parliament Marc Lavigne (Guy Nadon) slowly piece together evidence of a conspiracy that threatens Canada's existence.


Actor Role
Paul Gross Thomas David McLaughlin
Leslie Hope Sgt. Leah Collins
Guy Nadon Marc Lavigne
Martha Henry Julia McLaughlin
Callum Keith Rennie Don Pritchard / Lt. Daniel Holt
Michael Murphy U.S. Ambassador Conrad
Barry Flatman Cam Ritchie
Louise Portal Marie Lavigne
Philip Akin U.S. President Monroe
Macha Grenon Lavigne's Aide
Peter MacNeill Police Chief
Jeff Pustil Deever
Tantoo Cardinal Grand Chief Katie Blackfire
Diego Matamoros Doug McKay
Jeff Seymour Nate Morgan


Filming took place all over the city of Ottawa. Some of the bigger locations included Earnscliffe and the Parliament Buildings of Canada.


The Trojan Horse, featuring McLaughlin's continuing political ambitions and struggles in the wake of the events of H2O,[5] premiered on CBC on Sunday, 30 March 2008.


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