Harold Henry Rowley (24 March 1890 – 4 October 1969) was an English Old Testament scholar from the Baptist tradition.

H. H. Rowley
Born(1890-03-24)24 March 1890
Leicester, England
Died4 October 1969(1969-10-04) (aged 79)
Cheltenham, England
Occupation(s)professor, theologian, scholar, author
SpouseGladys B. Shaw
ChildrenSon & three daughters
Academic background
EducationBD & BA, Bristol Baptist College
B.Litt., Mansfield College, Oxford
Academic work
EraMid 20th century
Main interestsOld Testament studies, Semitic languages
Notable worksThe Faith of Israel (1956)
Worship in Ancient Israel (1967)
Notable ideasThat "election" in Scripture is primarily a corporate concept



H. H. Rowley was born in Leicester on 24 March 1890 to Richard Rowley and Emma (née Saunt) Rowley. The family Baptist church was Melbourne Hall, Leicester, previously led by F. B. Meyer and William F. Fullerton. These beginnings profoundly affected and formed Rowley's churchmanship, theology and missional interests.[1] His childhood education was at Wyggeston School, Leicester. He studied at the Bristol Baptist College, gaining a B.D. (overseen by University College London) and B.A. and at Mansfield College, Oxford, earning a B.Litt.[2]

Initially starting his career in 1916 as church minister at Wells, Somerset, he then became a missionary to China with the Baptist Missionary Society. His academic career started with a position in 1935 as Professor of Hebrew and Semitic Languages at University College, Bangor, serving from 1935 to 1945. He saw out his formal academic career with the chair of Semitic languages at Manchester University, eventually retiring in 1956.[1]

He was the editor of the Journal of Semitic Studies from 1956 to 1960.[3] From 1946 he led the Society for Old Testament Study as its Secretary (1946–60) and served as its president for the year 1950.[3]

He lived in Stroud, Gloucestershire, until his death on 4 October 1969.[3]


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