H-Kayne is a Moroccan rap group that was created in the city of Meknes in 1996.

GenresMoroccan hip hop, Hip hop music and Rap music
Years active1996–present
LabelsPlatinum Music
MembersHatim Bensalha (HB2), Adil Benchakroune (Sif Lssane), Azzedine Ter-Hoor, Otmane, DJ Khalid

History Edit

H-Kayne was formed in Meknes in 1996.[1] The group performed their first concert in 1997. In 2003, they won first prize at the L’Boulevard festival.[2] In 2004, the group released a self-produced album, 1 Son 2 Bled'Art.

In 2005, H-Kayne released a second album called "HK-1426" produced by Platinum Music.

In 2006, H-Kayne performed at the Bataclan in Paris,[3] the only Moroccan rappers to have done so.[4]

In 2011, H-Kayne were appointed goodwill ambassadors in Morocco for the United Nations Development Program.[4]

In 2013, the group were bestowed the Order of Ouissam Alaouite by King Mohammed VI.[5]

Discography Edit

Albums Edit

  • 1 Son 2 Bled'Art (2004)[2]
  • HK 1426 (2005)[2]
  • H-Kaynology (2009)[6]

References Edit

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