Hålogaland Court of Appeal

The Hålogaland Court of Appeal (Norwegian: Hålogaland lagmannsrett) is one of six courts of appeal in the Kingdom of Norway. The Court is located in the city of Tromsø. The court has jurisdiction over the counties of Nordland, Troms, and Finnmark as well as the island territories of Jan Mayen and Svalbard. These areas constitute the Juridical District of Hålogaland (Norwegian: Hålogaland lagdømme), which has nearly a half a million residents. The court has 16 full-time judges plus a number of other support staff members (as of 2015). The Court is headed by a lawspeaker (Norwegian: førstelagmann), currently by Monica Hansen Nylund.[1] The administration of the Court is managed by the Norwegian National Courts Administration.[2][3]

Hålogaland Court of Appeal
Hålogaland lagmannsrett
JurisdictionNordland, Jan Mayen, Troms, Svalbard, Finnmark
LocationTromsø, Norway
Coordinates69°39′17″N 18°57′56″E / 69.654811°N 18.965471°E / 69.654811; 18.965471Coordinates: 69°39′17″N 18°57′56″E / 69.654811°N 18.965471°E / 69.654811; 18.965471
Composition methodCourt of Appeal
Appeals toSupreme Court of Norway
Appeals fromDistrict courts
Number of positions16 judges
CurrentlyMonica Hansen Nylund
Division map
Nord-Norge in Norway (plus).svg

Because of the great distances both at land and at sea in Northern Norway, the Court deals with many cases related to fishery and land rights. Northern Norway is also where the "three peoples" meet (Norwegians, Samis, and Kvens). The cultural variations demand bigger efforts of the Court's judges, among other the ability to understand different ways of living and thinking. Also lingual variations represent a challenge.


The Courthouse in Tromsø.
The Building of Justice in Mosjøen.

The Court has its seat in Tromsø, the capital of Troms county and the largest city in Northern Norway (Hålogaland). Additionally, the Court permanently sits in the towns of Bodø (the capital of Nordland county and the second largest city in Northern Norway) and Mosjøen (also in Nordland county). The Court may also sit in other places within its jurisdiction as needed.[2]

The Court takes appeals from 14 District Courts from the region (from northeast to southwest): Øst-Finnmark District Court, Indre Finnmark District Court, Hammerfest District Court, Alta District Court, Nord-Troms District Court, Senja District Court, Trondenes District Court, Ofoten District Court, Vesterålen District Court, Lofoten District Court, Salten District Court, Rana District Court, Alstahaug District Court, and Brønnøy District Court.


Since the Middle Ages, the old Thing of Hålogaland met at Steigen in Nordland county. This assembly was dissolved in 1797. When the Hålogaland Court was re-established in 1890 it was moved to Tromsø in Troms county.


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