Håkan Lidman

Håkan Lidman (31 January 1915 – 6 June 2000)[3] was a Swedish hurdler who specialized in the 110 m event. He competed at the 1936 and 1948 Summer Olympics and finished fourth and sixth, respectively. He won two medals at the European championships: a gold in 1946 and a silver in 1938.[1] In 1940 he set a European record at 14.0 and was awarded the Svenska Dagbladet Gold Medal. Lidman held the Swedish 110 m hurdles title in 1935–45 and 1947–1948. After retiring from competitions he served as director of the Swedish Athletics Association.[4]

Håkan Lidman
Håkan Lidman and Sten Pettersson 1935.jpg
Lidman (left) vs. Sten Pettersson in 1935
Personal information
Born31 January 1915
Västra Frölunda, Sweden
Died6 June 2000 (aged 85)
Estepona, Spain
Height1.89 m (6 ft 2 in)
Weight78 kg (172 lb)
Event(s)110 m hurdles
ClubÖrgryte IS, Göteborg;
Rydboholms SK, Viskafors
Achievements and titles
Personal best(s)110 mH – 14.0 (1940)[1][2]
Medal record
Representing  Sweden
European Championships
Gold medal – first place 1946 Oslo 110 m hurdles
Silver medal – second place 1938 Paris 110 m hurdles


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