Gyeon Singeom

Gyeon Singeom (Korean견신검; Hanja甄神劍; ? – September 936,[1] r. 15 November 935 – 936[2]) was the second and final king of Hubaekje, one of the Later Three Kingdoms of Korea.[3] He came to the throne after conspiring with his two brothers, Yanggeom and Yonggeom, to overthrow their father Gyeon Hwon and kill the anointed heir, their younger half-brother Geumgang.[4][5]

Gyeon Singeom
Crown Prince Gyeonseong
(왕태자 견성, 王太子 甄成)
King of Later Baekje
Reign15 November 935 – 936
Coronation15 November 935
PredecessorGyeon Hwon
SuccessorDynasty abolished
(Taejo of Goryeo as the 1st King of Goryeo)
MonarchGyeon Hwon
Jeolla-do, Kingdom of Goryeo
Era name and dates
Jeonggae (정개, 正開): 900–936
HouseHouse of Gyeon (Hwanggan Gyeon clan)
FatherGyeon Hwon
MotherLady Sangwon
Gyeon Singeom
Revised RomanizationGyeon Singeom
McCune–ReischauerKyŏn Sin'gŏm

The brothers placed Gyeon Hwon in prison, but he was able to escape. Gyeon Hwon led the Goryeo army against them in 936 AD at present-day Seonsan in Gumi city, destroying Singeom's army.[6][7]

King Taejo of Goryeo deemed that the plot was the work of Singeom's brothers, and granted Singeom a noble title. Accounts vary as to whether Yanggeom and Yonggeom were sent into exile or slain.

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Gyeon Singeom
 Died: 936
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Hubaekje
Succeeded by