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Gyeon Singeom (r. 935–936) was the second and final king of Hubaekje, one of the Later Three Kingdoms of Korea.[1] He came to the throne after conspiring with his two brothers, Yanggeom and Yonggeom, to overthrow their father Gyeon Hwon and kill the anointed heir, their younger half-brother Geumgang.

Gyeon Singeom
Revised RomanizationGyeon Sin-geom
McCune–ReischauerKyŏn Sin'gŏm

The brothers placed Gyeon Hwon in prison, but he was able to escape. Gyeon Hwon led the Goryeo army against them in 936 AD at present-day Seonsan in Gumi city, destroying Singeom's army.

King Taejo of Goryeo deemed that the plot was the work of Singeom's brothers, and granted Singeom a noble title. Accounts vary as to whether Yanggeom and Yonggeom were sent into exile or slain.

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Gyeon Singeom
 Died: 936
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Gyeon Hwon
King of Hubaekje
Succeeded by