Gye of Baekje

Gye of Baekje (died 346, r. 344–346) was the twelfth king of Baekje, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea.

Gye of Baekje
Revised RomanizationGye-wang


He was the eldest son of the 10th king Bunseo, who was assassinated in 304.[1] The Samguk Sagi records that "he was naturally hard and brace, and skilled with horse and bow. When Bunseo died, Gye was too young to succeed him, so Biryu (younger brother of the 7th king Saban) succeeded him, dying in the 41st year of his own reign. Then Gye succeeded him".[2][3]


His rule indicated the continued the rivalry between two royal lines, that of the 5th king Chogo and that of the 8th king Goi, from whom Gye descended. The Goi line ended with Gye's 2-year reign, as he was succeeded by Biryu's son Geunchogo.[4]

Samguk Sagi:

  • 346 AD, autumn, ninth month. The king died.


  • Father: Bunseo of Baekje
  • Mother: unknown
    • Queen: unknown
      • Children: Buyeo Min
      • Buyeo Mun
      • Buyeo Hwa

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Gye of Baekje
Cadet branch of the House of Go
 Died: 346
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Preceded by King of Baekje
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