Gyda Oil Field

Gyda (Norwegian: Gydafeltet) is an offshore oil field located in the southern Norwegian section of North Sea along with Ula, Tambar and Tambar East fields making up the UGT area, usually attributed to DONG Energy's main areas of exploration and production activity.[2] The Gyda field was discovered in 1980 and started producing on June 21, 1990.[1] The field contains confirmed 39.6 million m3 of oil and 6.6 billion cubic meter of natural gas.[1]

Gyda Oil Field is located in North Sea
Gyda Oil Field
Location of Gyda
LocationNorth Sea
Coordinates56°54′41.39″N 3°6′30.39″E / 56.9114972°N 3.1084417°E / 56.9114972; 3.1084417Coordinates: 56°54′41.39″N 3°6′30.39″E / 56.9114972°N 3.1084417°E / 56.9114972; 3.1084417
PartnersRepsol (61%)
INEOS E&P (34%)
Field history
Start of production1990
Current production of oil10,000 barrels per day (~5.0×10^5 t/a)
Recoverable gas6.6×10^9 m3 (230×10^9 cu ft)
Producing formationsUpper Jurassic[1]


TLM Gyda Blokk 2/1

Talisman Energy is the operator of the field with 61% of interest in the project. The full share was bought by Talisman Energy in 2003 from the previous operator, BP for $82 million.[3] Partners of Talisman Energy, DONG Energy and Norske AEDC AS (NAEDC),owned by Arabian Oil Company (AOC), hold 34% and 5% interest in the project, respectively. holds 34%[4][5] Capital spending on Gyda was expected to be $131 million.[6]


Gyda is located in approximately 66 m (217 ft) of water. The main reservoir stands at 4,000 m (13,000 ft) in the Upper Jurassic Ula Formation.[1] The field has one conventional steel facility with production, drilling, living quarters. Gyda currently produces an average of 10,000 bbl/d (1,600 m3/d).[5] The field also produces excessive amount of water making the oil production stable. Due to the difficulties, the production license was extended to 2018. Several new wells are currently being drilled. The produced oil is transported by a pipeline to Ekofisk oil field and on to Teesside for refining.[1]

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