Gustavo Pérez Firmat

Gustavo Pérez Firmat was born in 1949, Havana, Cuba, and raised in Miami, Florida. He attended Miami-Dade Community College, the University of Miami, and the University of Michigan, where he earned a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature. He taught at Duke University from 1979 to 1999 and is the David Feinson Professor in the Humanities at Columbia University. He serves on the editorial advisory board of Chiricú.[1]


Pérez Firmat is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and has been the recipient of fellowships from the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the American Council of Learned Societies, and the Mellon Foundation. In 1995, Pérez Firmat was named Duke University Scholar/Teacher of the Year. In 1997 Newsweek included him among “100 Americans to watch for the 21st century” and Hispanic Business Magazine selected him as one of the “100 most influential Hispanics” in the United States. In 2004 he was named one of New York’s thirty “outstanding Latinos” by El Diario La Prensa. He was featured in the documentary CubAmerican and in the 2013 PBS series Latino Americans.

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Pérez Firmat is the author of books and essays on Latinx literature, philosophy, and culture. His books of literary and cultural criticism include:

  • Idle Fictions (Duke, 1982; rev. ed. 1993)
  • Literature and Liminality (Duke, 1986)
  • The Cuban Condition (Cambridge, 1989; rpt. 2005)
  • Do the Americas Have a Common Literature? (Duke, 1990)
  • Life on the Hyphen (Texas, 1994, Rpt. 1996, 1999; revised and expanded edition 2012); Spanish version: Vidas en vilo, Colibrí, 2000; rev. ed. Hypermedia, 2015)
  • My Own Private Cuba (Colorado, 1999)
  • Cincuenta lecciones de exilio y desexilio (Universal, 2000; rev. ed. Hypermedia, 2016)
  • Tongue Ties (Palgrave, 2003)
  • The Havana Habit (Yale, 2010)
  • The Norton Anthology of Latino Literature [Co-editor] (Norton, 2010)
  • A Cuban in Mayberry: Looking Back at America's Hometown (Texas, 2014)
  • Sin lengua, deslenguado (Ediciones Cátedra, 2017)
  • Poesía romántica inglesa by Heberto Padilla [Editor] (Linden Lane Press, 2018)

He has also published several collections of poetry in English and Spanish: Carolina Cuban (Bilingual Press, 1987), Equivocaciones (Betania, 1989), Bilingual Blues (Bilingual Press, 1995); Scar Tissue (Bilingual Press, 2005); The Last Exile (Finishing Line Press, 2016); Viejo verde (Main Street Rag, 2019); a novel, Anything But Love (Arte Público, 2000); and a memoir, Next Year in Cuba: A Cubano's Coming-of-Age in America (Doubleday 1995; rev. ed. 2000; rpt. Arte Público, 2005; Spanish version: El año que viene estamos en Cuba, Arte Público, 1997). Pérez Firmat’s poems have appeared in many magazines, journals and anthologies.

Next Year in Cuba was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in non-fiction in 1995. Life on the Hyphen was awarded the Eugene M. Kayden Award for 1994 and received Honorable Mention in the Modern Language Association’s Katherine Singer Kovács Prize and the Latin American Studies Association’s Bryce Wood Book Award.


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