Gulshan Ewing

Gulshan Ewing (née Mehta) (1928[1] – 18 April 2020) was an Indian journalist and socialite. She edited two of India's most popular magazines – women's journal Eve's Weekly and film magazine Star & Style – between 1966 and 1989.


Besides building a prominent reputation in the Eve's Weekly and Star & Style for some 23 years, she had earlier began her career with the Dosu Karaka-edited Current[disambiguation needed] and later moved over to Femina, which was published by The Times of India group.[2] The Eve's Weekly was owned by the Somani group.


Following her death in mid-2020, prominent Indian journalists who had worked with her around a generation earlier paid rich tributes to her memory. Among these were Sherna Gandhy's article in the Mid-Day.[citation needed]

Personal lifeEdit

She was born in Mumbai to a Parsi family. In 1955, she married an Englishman named Guy Ewing with whom she moved to the UK in 1990. She died of COVID-related complications in Richmond, London on 18 April, 2020.[3]

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