Guitiriz (Galician pronunciation: [ɡitiˈɾiθ]) Coordinates: 43°10′55.31″N 7°53′43.33″W / 43.1820306°N 7.8953694°W / 43.1820306; -7.8953694 is a City Council known for its spa of mineral water in the Terra Chá Region, Province of Lugo in North-western Spain.

Concello de Guitiriz
Guitiriz, Casa do Concello.JPG
Flag of Concello de Guitiriz
Official seal of Concello de Guitiriz
Guitiriz, Spa Town
Situation of Guitiriz and the Terra Chá Region
Situation of Guitiriz and the Terra Chá Region
 • Alcalde (Mayor)Marisol Morandeira Morandeira
 • Total5,505
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CET)


(also known as: "Parroquias")

  1. Becín
  2. Buriz
  3. Labrada
  4. Lagostelle
  5. Mariz
  6. As Negradas
  7. Parga
  8. Pedrafita
  9. Pígara
  10. Roca
  11. Trasparga
  12. Vilar
  13. Vilares de Parga

History and tourismEdit

Entrance to the spa town of Guitiriz

Though the early settlers were of Celtic origin and the Romans knew about the therapeutic properties of the thermae, it was not till the arrival of the Suebi after the collapse of the Roman Empire that this Spa Town became really popular for the first time in the 6th century. The name "Guitiriz" is derived from "Witirici", the Latin genitive of Witiricus meaning "the place owned by Witiricus" (i.e.: Witiricus the Suebian warlord).

In the 14th century the entire Terra Chá Region (including Guitiriz and its capital Villalba) ended up as part of the domains of Fernán Pérez de Andrade whose family were to become the First Counts of Villalba during the reign of the Catholic Monarchs.

Amongst other remains in the area is a well conserved medieval fortification, the Castle of Parga, and a Gothic bridge.

Surroundings of Guitiriz

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