Guiraud (1070–1123) was a bishop of Béziers of the twelfth century[1]


Bishop of Béziers
Puissalicon, France
Béziers, France
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Feast5 November

He is said to have been the second prior of the Canon Regular community at Cassan Abbey.[2] He served as bishop from 1121 to November 5, 1123. He is a Catholic saint.[3]

Born in Puissalicon, Guiraud later became the focus of local legends.

One legend states that when he was being baptized, the baptismal water began to boil.[4] Legends also considered to be of a modest circumstances. However, several acts and charters have the signature "Guiraud of Puissalicon", indicating noble birth.[4] He was buried near Aphrodisius, the legendary first bishop of the city.


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