Guchin-Us, Övörkhangai

Guchin-Us (Mongolian: Гучин-Ус, Thirty water) is a sum (district) of Övörkhangai Province in southern Mongolia. It had an estimated 2,260 inhabitants in 2008.[1]

Guchin-Us District

Гучин-Ус сум
General view of Arguut
General view of Arguut
ProvinceÖvörkhangai Province
Time zoneUTC+8 (UTC + 8)
Center of Arguut
Rock paintings

The town of Arguut, 104 km from the Province capital Arvaikheer, is the administrative center of the sum, but mostly it is called "Guchin Us" as well.[2]

There are several prehistoric rock paintings and buddhist inscriptions in the north-east of the town, close to the unpaved road to Arvaikheer.


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Coordinates: 45°27′42″N 102°25′27″E / 45.46167°N 102.42417°E / 45.46167; 102.42417