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Ground biscuit

Ground biscuit is a form of biscuit, usually baked, flour-based food products, that is specially processed by grinding.

Ground biscuit
Plazma ground biscuits.jpg
Plazma ground biscuits.
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Ground biscuits are usually combined with milk or very thin pancakes, called crepes. It is a common form of sweet, particularly well known in states of former Yugoslavia and in Serbia, and it is often exported to other countries, or sold by some web selling service,[1] like Amazon.[2] It may also usually used by confectioners as a supplement for their meals. It can be also used as an ingredient of many sweets, like i.e. ice cream cake.[3] It can be eaten daily.

Well known brand of ground biscuits is Bambi's Lane Ground Biscuits (in Serbian mleveni plazma keks), that doesn't contain trans fat.


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