Grigory Golitsyn

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Prince Grigory Golitsyn, photographed in 1897 by Dmitri Ivanovich Yermakov.

Prince Grigory Sergeyevich Golitsyn (Russian: Григорий Серге́евич Голицын) (20 October 1838 – 28 March 1907) was a Russian general and statesman from the princely Golitsyn family.

Grigory Golitsyn fought in the Caucasian War, studied at the General Staff Academy, and commanded several regiments. In 1876, was appointed Governor of Ural Oblast; he later served in a variety of positions in other regions.[1]

Between 1897-1904 Golitsyn was the Governor of Transcaucasia; known as the initiator of the confiscation of the properties of the Armenian Church.[2] He was wounded in an assassination attempt near Tiflis in October 1903.[3]

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