Griffin's Foods

Griffin's Foods Limited, a Philippines-owned biscuit, snack-food and confectionery manufacturer, operates in New Zealand. In 2011, The company has sales of approximately NZ$300 million.[1]

Griffin's Food Limited
Auckland, New Zealand
ProductsGriffins, Eta, Nice & Natural
Number of employees
ParentIndependent (1864–1962)
Nabisco (1962–1990)
Danone (1990–2006)
Pacific Equity Partners (2006–2014)
Universal Robina (2014–present)


The company was founded by John Griffin in Nelson, New Zealand in 1864 [2] as a flour and cocoa miller. Newspaper records show biscuits were in production by the 1880s and the confectionery arm of the business launched in 1886. By the 1890s Griffins were producing a range of candied peels and by the late 1900s drinking cocoa. Main produce is distributed via the Griffins manufacturing plant on Ashmole Street in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Expansion and subsidiaryEdit

The company went public (as Griffin & Sons) to fund expansion the replacement of a factory destroyed by fire. It expanded, making army ration biscuits during World War II [2] until in 1962 when it was purchased by Nabisco.[3] In 1989 Griffin's acquired biscuit company Hudsons, taking on the copyright for the famous Hudson's icon Cookie Bear. When Nabisco was effectively broken up, Griffin's was acquired by Danone [4] in 1990. In 2006 Danone divested Griffin's to Pacific Equity Partners.[5]

Universal RobinaEdit

In July 2014, Pacific Equity Partners divested of Griffin's Foods, selling the operations to Universal Robina for NZ$700 million.[6]

In October 2015, Universal Robina announced they were expanding the Griffin's brand to the South-East Asian market starting with the Philippines.


Today, Griffin's has two factories in Auckland. A Lower Hutt plant closed in 2008 with the loss of 200 jobs,[7] with all production transferred to the Auckland sites. In 2009 Griffin's moved the production of its cream filled biscuits, which account for 2.5% of production, to Fiji.[8] The company currently employs approximately 800 people.[2]


The company's food range comprises:

  • Griffin's and Huntley and Palmers – Biscuits including Chocolate Thins, Krispies, and Cameo Cremes.
  • Eta – Salty snacks, mainly potato chips and peanuts.
  • Nice & Natural – Wrapped snacks.[9]

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