Greige goods

Greige goods (Gray goods, Grey goods) are loom state woven fabrics, or unprocessed knitted fabrics. The greige goods undergo many subsequent processes, for instance, dyeing, printing, and finishing,[1][2][3] prior to further converting to finished goods such as clothing, or other textiles.


Greige goods are unfinished fabrics that come out directly from a loom or a knitting machine.[1] Woven materials are also called ''loom state fabrics''.[4] Greige materials are scoured (to clean) and sometimes bleached (to remove natural color) before dyeing and printing.[5]


Textile manufacturing is a complicated and lengthy procedure. The material passes through various stages. It is necessary to decide the yarn count, stitch length, thread count, and g.s.m. at the beginning, i.e., the greige stage, to achieve a desired finished product.[6][7] Since the textile industry still works in a fragmented way, the greige goods are also sold for further processing at different units.[8] They are then stitched together for subsequent operations.[4]

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