Gregory of Tatev

Gregory of Tatev, or Grigor Tatevatsi (Armenian: Գրիգոր Տաթևացի) (1346–1409 or 1410) was an Armenian philosopher, theologian and a saint in the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Gregory of Tatev
Commentary to David's psalms - portrait of Grigor Tatevatsi 1449.jpg
Grigor Tatevatsi (from a 15th-century Armenian manuscript)
Tmkaberd (now in Georgia)
Died1409 or 1410
Venerated inArmenian Apostolic Church

Gregory was born in Tmkaberd in Georgia or Vayots Dzor in Siunik. He was educated at the monasteries of Tatev and Metzop.[1]

Gregory was a faithful Miaphysite, at a time when the Armenian church was building relations with the Dyophysite Roman Catholic Church. He wrote against uniting the Armenian church with Rome.[2]

In 1397, during perpetual invasions by the Timurids, he completed the Book of Questions, an basic and comprehensive theological outline.[2]

A monument to Tatevatsi was unveiled on October 16, 2010 in Goris, Armenia.[3][4]


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