Greensburg Red Wings

The Greensburg Red Wings were a Class D Minor League Baseball team based in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. The team was a member of the Pennsylvania State Association, from 1934-1939 and played all of its home games at Offutt Field. The team's name often changed throughout their short existence. They began as the Greensburg Trojans, an affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals. A year later, in 1935, the team was renamed the Greensburg Red Wings. However, in 1937 when the Brooklyn Dodgers took over the team, they were renamed the Greensburg Green Sox. Finally, the team was called the Greensburg Senators, after their final affiliate, the Washington Senators, in 1939.

Greensburg Red Wings
Minor league affiliations
Previous classesClass-D
LeaguePennsylvania State Association
Major league affiliations
Previous teams
Minor league titles
League titles (1)
  • 1934
Team data
Previous names
  • Greensburg Senators (1939)
  • Greensburg Green Sox (1937–1938)
  • Greensburg Red Wings (1935–1936)
  • Greensburg Trojans (1934)
Previous parks
Offutt Field (1934–1939)

Notable momentsEdit

In the summer of 1936, the Major League Baseball's St. Louis Cardinals, behind Pepper Martin, defeated the Greensburg Red Wings, 11–0, in front of 1,500 spectators at Offutt Field.[1] In 1937, the Greensburg Green Sox was instrumental in getting funds for lights at Offutt Field in the city, setting the stage for night high school football, which debuted that fall.[2] The field hosted minor league teams that were affiliated with the Cardinals, Washington Senators, and Brooklyn Dodgers[3]

Major League alumniEdit


Year Record Finish Manager Playoff series
1934 57-45 1st Clay Hopper League Champs
vs. Washington Generals (4-2)
1935 39-64 6th Arnold Anderson / Heinie Mueller
1936 64-44 2nd Clay Hopper Lost League Finals
vs. Jeannette Little Pirates (4-3)
1937 54-45 2nd Wilbur Cooper
1938 37-60 4th Ollie Vanek
1939 41-68 6th George Mucci


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