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The Green Sheet was a four-page section of the Milwaukee Journal printed on green paper. It was published from the 1910s to 1995, containing comics, the crossword puzzle and other games, celebrity news, local human interest stories and bits of ephemera.

The last Green Sheet was published in the March 18, 1995, edition of the Journal, Milwaukee's afternoon newspaper, shortly before it merged with the morning Milwaukee Sentinel, with the features from the Green Sheet being merged into the Sentinel's Good Morning section, and taking that name under the new Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The Green Sheet continues to hold a special place in the memory of residents in the Milwaukee metropolitan area. A newsletter published by the gubernatorial campaign of Mark Green in 2006 was called the Green Sheet, presumably in homage to the former publication.

The Journal Sentinel brought the Green Sheet back on Memorial Day, May 25, 2015, and continues to publish it in the Monday through Saturday newspapers. Unlike the former Green Sheet, the section is printed on plain paper with the Green Sheet features printed with a green background.

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