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Nea Genea (Greek: Α/Τ Νέα Γενεά, "New Generation") was a destroyer that served in the Royal Hellenic Navy from 1912-1919. She was originally the German destroyer V-6.

Nea Genea (ex-German V-6)
Name: Nea Genea
Ordered: 1911
Laid down: 1911
Launched: 29 February 1912
Commissioned: 1912
Decommissioned: 1919
Fate: scrapped
General characteristics
Class and type: V1-class destroyer
Displacement: 570 tons standard
Length: 70.20 m (230 ft 4 in)
Beam: 7.60 m (24 ft 11 in)
Draft: 3.10 m (10 ft 2 in)
Propulsion: AEG-Vulcan 4 coal burning, 2 funnels
Speed: 32 knots (59 km/h; 37 mph) maximum


The ship, along with one of her six sister ships of V-class destroyers, Keravnos, was ordered from Germany. They were purchased before entering service in the German Navy, from the German shipyard Vulcan AG in Stettin, when the Balkan Wars were underway.

Later, during World War I, Greece belatedly entered the war on the side of the Triple Entente and, due to Greece's neutrality the two ex-German V-class ships were seized by the Allies in October 1916, taken over by the French in November and served in the French Navy from 1917-18. By 1918, they were back on escort duty under Greek colors, mainly in the Aegean Sea.

Nea Genea was stricken in 1919 and scrapped in 1922.

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