Angereb River

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The Angereb also known as the Bahr as-Salam is a river of Ethiopia and eastern Sudan, and one of the sources of the Nile. It rises near Daqwa, north of Gondar in the Amhara Region, flowing west to join the Atbarah River. The historic district of Armachiho is located along part of its course.[1]

Map showing the Atbara basin, with the Angereb River (Center)
Angereb Reservoir at Gondar
Pump house of Angereb Reservoir

The Angereb dam, commissioned in 1997, was intended to reduce the town's potable water supply problem for 25 years.[2] The Angereb reservoir and two boreholes are the main sources of water for the town and have a combined average production capacity of 8,298 m3/day.

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