Great Planes Model Manufacturing

Great Planes Model Manufacturing Company of Champaign, Illinois, United States, is the world's second largest radio-controlled model manufacturers and distributors as part of Hobbico, Incorporated.

Great Planes Model Manufacturing Company
Great Planes
FounderDon Anderson
HeadquartersChampaign, Illinois, United States

The company was founded in 1982 by mechanical engineer Don Anderson in response to what were, at the time, poorly made radio control aircraft kits.

Prior to the company's founding, no machinery specifically for cutting model aircraft parts had ever been designed. Great Planes became the first company of its type to create such machines which utilized computer-aided drafting to create airframes with interlocked construction.

Fully framed and sheeted almost ready-to-fly models were now possible. One of Great Planes' recent offerings, a scale Ryan STA sheeted in their Monokote covering, is flight ready after only fifteen hours of assembly.

Further assisting the company in their product development is Great Planes' in-house research and development team, composed of active hobbyists, experienced builders and champion RC pilots.

In addition to a line of aircraft kits, Great Planes also markets a line of hardware and accessories (e.g., battery chargers) for radio controlled models in general.

Until the later part of the 1990s, they were Kyosho's sole US distributor until they decided to start their own distribution network.