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Great Moments in History

Actors during broadcast of NBC's Great Moments in History with John Knight (far left) portraying Alexander Hamilton

Great Moments in History was a dramatic radio series broadcast on NBC in 1927–28. It offered recreations of famed historical situations.

The program was the creation of actor-director Gerald Stoop, a New York Theater Guild member, and playwright Henry Fisk Carlton, an English instructor at New York University and a graduate of Harvard's Dramatic Work Shop. Carlton was previously involved in the production of other NBC programs, including Re-told Tales and House of Myths.

The series featured major figures of history, such as Alexander Hamilton. One show in the series, "Paul Revere's Ride", employed this dialogue:

REVERE: That you, John Hancock?
HANCOCK: Yes, Paul Revere, what's the matter?
REVERE: Matter enough, Hancock. The Redcoats are coming. Is Sam Adams in the house with you?
HANCOCK: Yes, Paul Revere, what's me. Oh, Sam–Sam Adams!
ADAMS: Yes, yes, I'm coming.

Carlton felt every aspect had to be dramatized with elaborate details, as he explained, "To make your audience see, it is necessary to make your characters describe what they see."[1]