Graystone Ballroom

The Graystone Ballroom was a dance hall located at 4237 Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Michigan, United States. Billed as "Detroit's Million Dollar Ballroom", it opened its doors on March 7, 1922 with a floorplan designed to hold 3,000 people, making it the largest ballroom of the city at that point. It would become one of the six great ballrooms of the city before the stock market crash of 1929 put a halt to new construction. The others were the Jefferson Ballroom, the Grande Ballroom, the Monticello Ballroom, the Beach Ballroom, the Vanity Ballroom, and the Mirror Ballroom.[1]

Graystone Ballroom
Graystone Ballroom.jpg
Graystone Ballroom is located in Michigan
Graystone Ballroom
Location within Michigan
Alternative namesThe Graystone
General information
Architectural styleGothic Revival
Location4237 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, Michigan, United States
Coordinates42°21′07″N 83°03′39″W / 42.3520°N 83.0607°W / 42.3520; -83.0607Coordinates: 42°21′07″N 83°03′39″W / 42.3520°N 83.0607°W / 42.3520; -83.0607
Opened27 February 1922
Demolished19 July 1980
Technical details
Floor count5
Design and construction
ArchitectRupert W. Koch

In 1980, after decades of decay, neglect, and occupation by vandals, the building was demolished.


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