Graveyard Disturbance (Italian: Una notte al cimitero) is a 1987 television film directed by Lamberto Bava.

Graveyard Disturbance
DVD cover for Graveyard Disturbance
ItalianUna notte al cimitero[1]
Screenplay by
Story byDardano Sacchetti[1]
Directed byLamberto Bava[1]
Executive producers
  • Massimo Manasse
  • Marco Grillo Spina[1]
  • Gianlorenzo Battaglia
  • Gianfranco Transunto[1]
  • Mauro Bonnani
  • Daniele Alabis[1]
Running time93 minutes[1]
Production companies
  • Dania Film
  • Reteitalia[1]
Original release
NetworkItalia 1[3]
ReleaseOctober 1987 (1987-10)

Plot edit

Five teen friends after stealing from a store end up in a gothic cemetery. While there they enter a tavern where the bartender challenges them to stay the night in a cursed crypt and if they survive the night, they get a treasure.

Production edit

Following the success of the film Demons and Demons 2 and other foreign horror films in Italy, the company Reiteitalia would announce in July 1986 that a series titled Brivido giallo which would be made featuring five made-for-television film directed by Lamberto Bava.[3] Of these films only four would be made: Graveyard Disturbance, Until Death, The Ogre and Dinner with a Vampire.[3]

Graveyard Disturbance was originally developed under the title Dentro il cimitero (transl. Inside the Cemetery).[3] Bava described the film as being not as heavy as his Demons films and would have more "relaxed" and "tongue-in-cheek" approach.[3] The film is set in the countryside around Bolsena.[4][page needed]

Releases edit

Graveyard Disturbance was first shown at the Sitges Film Festival in Spain in October 1987.[3] Lamberto Bava introduced the film himself, telling the audience that it was not intended for theatrical release.[3] The film received a chorus of boos from the audience.[3] It was later aired on Italia 1 on August 8, 1989.[1]

Reception edit

Kim Newman wrote in his book Nightmare Movies that Graveyard Disturbance was an uninspired spoof and Bava's worst film to date.[5]

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