Graseby was a British engineering company.


As Graseby Instruments it made and refurbished naval sonar equipment. The company (00385807) was established on 25 February 1944. It was initially situated in Tolworth in south-west London.[1]

On 1 January 1982 it merged with Pye Dynamics forming Graseby Dynamics and moved its operations to the latter's site in Bushey, Hertfordshire. Graseby Dynamics' business activities were:

- Marine - the ex-Instruments services,

- Medical - principally Cot Death Monitors and Continuous Syringe Drivers,

- Ordnance - including test and post-design services,

- RF products - specialist services and the manufacture of Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs),

- Ionics/Security/Analytical providing vapour detectors based up Ion Mobility Spectrometry - the three identities addressing the Military, Civil and Space markets respectively.

Later Graseby Dynamics became part of Cambridge Electronic Industries plc. As part of a rationalisation process Cambridge Electronic Industries later changed it name to Graseby plc in January 1992 - a process it extended to many of its remaining subsidiaries, e.g. Newmarket Semiconductors became Graseby Semiconductors

In April 1988 Graseby Ionics won the Queen's Award for Technological Achievement for CAM, a hand-held chemical agent monitor.

In May 1992 Graseby plc bought Intertest.

On 7 August 1997 it was bought for £136m (US$216.7m) by Smiths Industries.[2]

On 16 March 1998 Smith Industries sold Graseby Andersen and Graseby Product Monitoring to Thermo Electron. Graseby Product Monitoring included Goring Kerr,[3] Best and Allen Coding was absorbed by Thermo Sentron for US$43m. Thermo Sentron also owned competing brands such as Ramsey and Icore. Thermo Instrument Systems acquired Graseby Andersen. The aggregate price was US$73 million. Combined revenues of these companies were US$78 million.


  • Sonar equipment
  • Torpedo decoys
  • Gyroscopes for inertial navigation of guided missiles in a gimbal system.
  • Chemical agent monitors (Graseby Dynamics)
  • Metal Detector (Graseby Goring Kerr)
  • X-Ray (Graseby Goring Kerr)
  • Checkweigher (Graseby Best)


  • Godfey and Hilda Sharman, Founders of Graseby Instruments, 1940 - 1982
  • Paul Lester, former Chief Executive from 1990–97
  • Dave Johnson, President, Graseby Volkman, Graseby Goring Kerr
  • Tim Coombs, Managing Director, Graseby Medical, Graseby Product Monitoring
  • Nick Ward, Sales Director, Graseby Product Monitoring
  • David Reid, Director, Goring Kerr Metal Detection
  • John Cooper, Graseby plc
  • Tim O'Brien, Graseby Volkman

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