Grasbroek is a neighbourhood and former mining colony in the municipality Heerlen, Netherlands. The neighbourhood was built to serve the mine Oranje-Nassau I.

Map of the municipality Heerlen, showing the neighbourhood Grasbroek in red, which is part of the quarter Schandelen-Grasbroek in light red.
Typical house of the neighbourhood at Grasbroek 5-7, marked as national monument number 21223

Grasbroek houses the Patronaatsgebouw (Jos Wielders (1883–1949)), build in 1920 it is one of the earliest examples of Amsterdam School outside Amsterdam. Besides being in a state of disrepair all almost all original elements remain.[1] Currently it is being restored, restoringcost around 3,500,000 euros [2]


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Coordinates: 50°53′49″N 5°58′33″E / 50.897050°N 5.975844°E / 50.897050; 5.975844