Grand Royal was the Los Angeles, California-based vanity record label set up in 1992 by rap group Beastie Boys in conjunction with Capitol Records after the group left Def Jam Recordings.[1]

Grand Royal
Grand Royal.png
Grand Royal logo
Parent companyCapitol Records
Founded1992 (1992)
FounderBeastie Boys
Defunct2001 (2001)
GenreAlternative rock, hip hop
Country of originUnited States
LocationLos Angeles, California

Due to mounting debts, Grand Royal went out of business in 2001. Its assets were sold off via auction on Bid4Assets; these assets did not include any rights to Beastie Boys music.[2] The assets and back catalog were purchased by a group of fans who in turn started GR2 Records.[3] In 2016, GR2 sold the rights and master recordings of Grand Royal's second release My Crazy Life to a member of the band Dead Fucking Last.

Grand Royal was also the name of a magazine written and published by the group.[4] Described as a publication that "came to define part of Generation X,"[5] the total distribution of the six issues of Grand Royal was estimated at 300,000 copies.[6]

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