Grand Royal

Grand Royal was the Los Angeles, California-based vanity record label set up in 1992 by the Beastie Boys in conjunction with Capitol Records after the group left Def Jam Recordings.[1]

Grand Royal Logo

Due to mounting debts, Grand Royal went out of business in 2001. Its assets were sold off via auction on Bid4Assets; these assets did not include any rights to Beastie Boys music.[2] The assets and back catalog were purchased by a group of fans who in turn started GR2 Records.[3] In 2016, GR2 sold the rights and master recordings of Grand Royal's second release My Crazy Life to a member of the band Dead Fucking Last.

Grand Royal was also the name of a magazine written and published by the group.[4] Described as a publication that "came to define part of Generation X,"[5] the total distribution of the six issues of Grand Royal was estimated at 300,000 copies.[6]

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