Grand Bassin

Coordinates: 43°18′50″N 1°57′24″E / 43.31389°N 1.95673°E / 43.31389; 1.95673

The Grand Bassin is the largest body of open water along the Canal du Midi. It is in Castelnaudary, France and covers some 7 hectares (18 acres). Once a scene of intense economic activity, it is now a major pleasure port used by tourist craft. It holds the water reserve for the four locks of Saint-Roche.

Castelnaudary's Grand Bassin

Official opening ceremonies for the Canal du Midi were held here on 19 May 1681.[1]

The basin is exposed to considerable winds, historically even blowing horses and men into the water. A windbreak called Cybele Island (French: Ile de la Cybelle) was built in 1754.[2][3][4][5]



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