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Grahan (English: Eclipse) is a 2001 film directed by Shashilal K. Nair, starring Jackie Shroff, Manisha Koirala and Raghuvaran. The film follows the story of Parvati, a rape victim who quests for justice, and comes to know that it is not such a simple task.

Directed byShashilal K. Nair
Produced byAvinaash Adik
Prakash Jaju
Ayesha Shroff
Jackie Shroff
Written byShashilal K. Nair
StarringManisha Koirala
Jackie Shroff
Music byKarthik Raja
CinematographyS Kumar
Edited byWaman Bhonsle
Release date
16 February 2001
Running time
140 min


The widowed Chief Minister Jagdish Acharya lives an opulent lifestyle along with his daughter, Sunita (Anupama Verma) and son, Sanjay (Prasad Purandare). One day he gets a phone call from the Police Commissioner informing him that a woman named Parvati (Manisha Koirala) has filed a F.I.R. (First Information Report) of rape against Sanjay. A shocked Jagdish instructs the Police Commissioner to proceed according to law. Soon after, while touring, Jagdish has a heart attack and dies. Sunita is asked to be the new Chief Minister and she accepts.

After the funeral the Police arrest Sanjay, hold him in a cell, and try him in court. Sunita's boyfriend, advocate Jaggan Sinha (Jackie Shroff), whose brother, Raghu (Raghuvaran), is also a lawyer, represents Sanjay. Jaggan examines the evidence, witnesses and the complainant. He proves that the complaint was politically motivated by a journalist named Vidyarthi (Ravi Patwardhan) and that Parvati did not exhibit signs of rape nor was there any proof of her involvement with Sanjay. The Judge concurs, and Sanjay is set free. Parvati's ensuing marriage with Bhaskar (Raj Zutshi) is called off by his parents and relatives due to the stigma on Parvati.

While the Archarya family celebrates Sanjay's release, Jaggan finds out that Sanjay did indeed abduct and rape Parvati. Jaggan decides to reopen the case, much to the chagrin of Sunita and her brother; Sunita decides tosupport Sanjay against Jaggan. Jaggan takes care of Parvati in a far away country house and gets her mentally treated from the trauma. Parvati gets cured and shoots at Sanjay during his swearing-in ceremony. Sanjay dies of heart attack due to shock and Parvati is arrested and jailed. Sunita demands Jaggan not to defend Parvati. Jaggan insists and Parvati eventually gets justice, while Jaggan and Sunita reconcile. Bhaskar accepts Parvati and they get married.



The songs in the film have been composed by Karthik Raja and the lyrics are written by Mehboob and Ila Arun.

# Title Singer(s)
1 "Aaj Main Khush" Abhijeet, Asha Bhosle
2 "Chup Chup" Abhijeet, Asha Bhosle
3 "Disco Rap" Dominique Cerejo
4 "Kehte Hain Jisko" Abhijeet, Kavita Krishnamurthy
5 "Naacho Jaise" Kavita Krishnamurthy
6 "Yeh Sochta Hai Kya" Hariharan, Asha Bhosle

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