Graham Martin Pizzey AM (4 July 1930 – 12 November 2001) was a noted Australian author, photographer and ornithologist. He was born and grew up in Melbourne and was educated at Geelong Grammar School. After leaving school he worked in his family's leather business, while studying part-time and publishing articles and photographs on natural history. In 1960 he resigned from the family business to become a full-time freelance writer and photographer.

Pizzey joined the Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union (RAOU) in 1948 and served on its Council 1969-1975 and its Records Appraisal Committee 1976-1979. He may be best known as the author of one of the most popular field guides for Australian birds. In 1986 he was awarded the Australian Natural History Medallion. In 2000 he was awarded an honorary doctorate in applied science from RMIT University for contributions to natural history. He was a Member of the Order of Australia. In 2005 he was posthumously awarded the John Hobbs Medal.

Pizzey wrote numerous articles on natural history for newspapers and magazines. Some of his books are:

  • Pizzey, Graham. (1958). A Time to Look. William Heinemann Ltd: Melbourne.
  • Pizzey, Graham. (1980). A Field Guide to the Birds of Australia. Collins: Sydney.
  • Pizzey, Graham. (Compiler). (1983). Stories of Australian Birds. Currey O'Neil Ross: Melbourne.
  • Pizzey, Graham. (Ed). (1985). A Separate Creation. Discovery of Wild Australia by Explorers and Naturalists. Currey O'Neil Ross: Melbourne.
  • Pizzey, Graham. (1988). A Garden of Birds. Australian birds in Australian gardens. Viking O'Neil (Penguin Books Australia Ltd): Melbourne.
  • Pizzey, Graham. (1992). Crosbie Morrison, Voice of Nature. Victoria Press: South Melbourne,.
  • Pizzey, Graham. (1997). The Graham Pizzey & Frank Knight Field Guide to the Birds of Australia. Angus & Robertson: Sydney.
  • Pizzey, Graham. (2000). Journey of a Lifetime. Selected pieces by Australia's foremost birdwatcher and nature writer. Angus & Robertson: Sydney.
  • Pizzey, Graham. (2000). The Australian Bird-Garden. Creating havens for native birds. Angus & Robertson: Sydney.

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