Graeme Fife

Graeme Fife is a prolific English writer, playwright and broadcaster. His first career was as a schoolmaster and university lecturer.


Fife was educated at schools in London and Durham University, where he gained a General Arts degree with first class honours in Greek language and literature.

Teaching careerEdit



  • Polly Polestar (Ginn & Co., 1989)
  • The Wrong Side of the Bed (Ginn & Co., 1988) ISBN 0-602-28462-7
  • Story in anthology: The Man in Black (1990)
  • Arthur the King: a study of mediaeval romance in its social, literary and historical context (BBC Books, 1990, ISBN 0-563-21510-0)
  • Dick Pickles: The Kingfisher of Cottingham (Stolvard, 1991)
  • Where Did I Put My Trousers? (Mallory Ives., 1992)
  • George Francis: Trainer of Champions (with George Francis, Mainstream, 1998, ISBN 1-84018-059-5)
  • Tour de France: the history, the legend, the riders (Mainstream, 1999, ISBN 1-84018-918-5)
  • Tour de France: Tour de Souffrance (translated from the French of Albert Londres, Cycle Sport, 1999)
  • Inside the Peloton: Riding, Winning and Losing the Tour de France (2001, ISBN 1-84018-672-0)
  • The Terror: The Shadow of the Guillotine, France 1792-1794 (2004, ISBN 0-7499-5005-6)
  • Bob Chicken: A Passion for the Bike (2005, ISBN 0-9551225-0-3)
  • Great Road Climbs of the Pyrenees (Rapha, 2006)
  • The Beautiful Machine (2007, ISBN 1-84596-241-9)
  • Angel of the Assassination (novel) (Merit, 2009)
  • Great Road Climbs of the Southern Alps (Rapha, 2010)
  • Brian Robinson, Pioneer (Mousehold Press 2010)
  • Great Road Climbs of the Northern Alps (Rapha 2011)


  • Praise Be to God (performed by Edward de Souza Orange Tree, London, 1987)
  • Reg (performed by Edward de Souza, Orange Tree, 1987)
  • The Great French Revolution Show (Deia Majorca, 1984)
  • Lysistrata by Aristophanes (translated and adapted, Deia Majorca, 1984)
  • The Silver Nutmeg (musical, with Peter Thorne)
  • Grimaldi (musical drama, with Peter Thorne)
  • Once Upon a Time... (dramatic song sequence for narrator and singers, with Peter Thorne)
  • The Andria (translation from The Andria of Terence, with Sebastian Eden) (Gresham's School)
  • The Weaker Sex (Southampton)
  • Gesualdo (Edinburgh, London, Melbourne)
  • Mr Shakespeare...Mr Liebowitz (Deià, Majorca)
  • Jam (London, Edinburgh, Swindon)
  • The Door (opera) France


  • Chavasse Park (promotional film for architectural development in Liverpool)
  • Ghosts of Deptford (six short films about celebrated denizens of Deptford)

Radio ScriptsEdit

  • Elias Howe
  • Some thirty Stories about composers, Monologues and Duologues
  • Snipe 607
  • Earth to Earth
  • Vivaldi
  • Revolutionary Portraits
  • The Whisper of the Axe
  • Arthur the King
  • La Mogador
  • The March of the Ten Thousand
  • The Misfortune at Seaham
  • A Breath of Fresh Air
  • Pearls Go with Pearls (script consultant)
  • Godslots
  • Surviving Wagner
  • St Cecilia of Sicilia
  • Wilf
  • Cat’s Whiskers, six short playlets
  • The Figaro Letters
  • The Athenian Trireme
  • Doggett’s Coat and Badge
  • The Night Stairs
  • Timbuktu: Drowning in Sand
  • Vegetarian Cyclists
  • over a hundred scripts for Pause for Thought
  • Bikesongs
  • Bicycle Music
  • Saint-Saëns, Samson et Dalila and the Lost Glory
  • The Fighting Temeraire, The Battle and the Breeze
  • The Sweetness of the Garden
  • Spem in Alium
  • Beau Geste (adapted for R4 Classic Serial)
  • Robert Graves and Myth R3 Essays


  • 'The View from the Oarbench' in Frank Welsh, Building the Trireme (Constable, 1988)