Grad, Grad

Grad (pronounced [ˈɡɾaːt]; formerly Gornja Lendava, Hungarian: Felsőlendva[2]) is a village in the Municipality of Grad in the Prekmurje region of northeastern Slovenia.[3] It is the seat of the municipality and is the largest and oldest settlement in the Goričko region.


Gornja Lendava (until 1952)
The settlement of Grad
The settlement of Grad
Grad is located in Slovenia
Location in Slovenia
Coordinates: 46°47′51.72″N 16°5′54.08″E / 46.7977000°N 16.0983556°E / 46.7977000; 16.0983556Coordinates: 46°47′51.72″N 16°5′54.08″E / 46.7977000°N 16.0983556°E / 46.7977000; 16.0983556
CountryFlag of Slovenia.svg Slovenia
Traditional regionPrekmurje
Statistical regionMura
343.6 m (1,127.3 ft)
 • Total686


Grad was first mentioned in written sources as Lyndwa, and later as Gornja Lendava (literally 'upper Lendava', contrasting with Dolnja Lendava, literally 'lower Lendava'). The name of the settlement was changed from Gornja Lendava to Grad in 1952.[4]

Grad CastleEdit

Grad means 'castle' in Slovene and refers to the castle dating from the late 12th century strategically situated on a hill overlooking the settlement. It is one of the largest castle complexes in Slovenia, with 365 rooms. After World War II, the castle was divided into small residential apartments. With Slovenia joining the European Union, funds have been made available for the restoration of the castle. Certain parts of the castle are open to the public.


A pilgrimage church dedicate to the Assumption of Mary stands in the center of the village. It is one of the highest-quality examples of Gothic architecture in the Mura Valley.

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Notable people that were born or lived in Grad include:


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