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Grace Presbyterian Church of New Zealand

Grace Presbyterian Church of New Zealand (GPCNZ) is a Presbyterian denomination in New Zealand which was formed in 2002. It currently consists of 21 churches and missions, which are in the process of becoming fully established churches.[1]

Grace Presbyterian Church of New Zealand
Grace Presbyterian Church of New Zealand logo.gif
Orientationconservative Calvinist
TheologyReformed, Evangelical
AssociationsWorld Reformed Fellowship
RegionNew Zealand
New Zealand
SeparationsPresbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand


Many members of the GPCNZ are former members who left the largely liberal Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand (PCANZ) as they took a more conservative view of faith and the Bible than other churches in the PCANZ. In practice this means that the GPCNZ holds different views to the PCANZ on the Bible, salvation, the gospel, preaching, homosexuality and the ordination of women.[2] In 1974 the Evangelical Presbyterian Church was founded in Christchurch. In 2000 like minded churches formed Grace Bible Churches. In February, 2003 a fully fledged denomination with common constitution called Grace Presbyterian Church in New Zealand was formed.[3]


The Grace Presbyterian Church describes itself as "Presbyterian in government, Reformed in theology, and Evangelical in spirit." [2] It confesses the truth of the Trinity, the centrality of Jesus, the unconditional and yet particular love of God the Father, and the irresistible calling, present power and ministry of The Holy Spirit. Grace Presbyterian Church holds to the Westminster Confession of Faith as its official confession of faith. Grace Presbyterian Church believes in the sovereignty of God and subscribes to the Solas of the Reformation:

The denomination teaches that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, and remains committed to Reformed Christianity. The Bible contains everything people need to know for salvation.[2]

Church positionsEdit

Grace Presbyterian Church teaches that homosexual practice is sinful. In relation to abortion, it maintains that the Bible does not distinguish between prenatal and postnatal life. GPCNZ believes that women are valued members of the church, but that the Scriptures limit the office of pastors and elders only to men.[2]

Each congregation has the right to own and control the property. Local Churches are represented in the Presbytery and the General Assembly.

Ecumenical relationsEdit

GPCNZ is in the process of forming formal links with the Reformed Churches of New Zealand, the Presbyterian Church of Australia, and the Presbyterian Church in America.[4] It is a member denomination of the World Reformed Fellowship.[5]

Theological institutionsEdit

GPCNZ does not operate its own theological college, and has approved the courses at the Grace Theological College [6] as the churches' official training institution in New Zealand. Grace Theological College is a non-denominational institution for leaders of churches in the evangelical and Reformed tradition. It was established in 1995.[7]

Official website:[6]

Constituent churchesEdit

Church Location Year
Current Pastor/Minister
Northern Presbytery
Redeemer Grace Presbyterian Church[8] Flat Bush 2005 (Vacant)
Covenant Presbyterian Church, Manurewa Manurewa Peter Reynolds
Trinity Presbyterian Church Takanini 2001 Geoff Macpherson
Providence Presbyterian Church Mangere (Vacant)
Grace Church Gisborne Bruwer Vroon
City Presbyterian Church (Mission Church) Central Auckland Travis Scott
Central Presbytery
Grace Community Church New Plymouth[9] New Plymouth David Farr
Wanganui Grace Presbyterian Church[10] Wanganui Peter van den Brink
Grace @ Wellington[11] Wellington Ian D Bayne
Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Christchurch[12] Christchurch 1974 John McGimpsey
Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ashburton Ashburton David Bayne
Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Fairlie Fairlie David Bayne
Southern Presbytery
Grace Bible Church, Dunedin Dunedin (Vacant)
Grace Presbyterian Church Waihola[13] Waihola Alf Bradfield
Catlins Evangelical Church Owaka
Grace Presbyterian Church, Gore Gore Sam Duthie
Wyndham Evangelical Church[14] Wyndham Geoff Lloyd
Grace Presbyterian Church[15] Invercargill John Van Rij

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