Grégoire Bouillier

Grégoire Bouillier (born June 22, 1960 in Tizi Ouzou, Algeria) is the French memoirist who wrote Rapport sur moi (Report on Myself) and L'invité mystère (The Mystery Guest). Rapport sur moi won the Prix de Flore in 2002.[1]

Bouillier is the unnamed protagonist of French artist Sophie Calle’s work, Take Care of Yourself, in which Calle collected comments from 107 women to an e-mail he wrote her to end their affair. The work was exhibited in the French pavilion of the 2007 Venice Biennale.[2]


Original FrenchEdit

  • Rapport sur moi, 2002
  • L'invité mystère, 2004
  • Cap Canaveral, 2008

English translationsEdit

Dutch translationEdit

  • De raadselgast .

Arabic TranslationEdit

  • Report on Myself- تقرير عن نفسي , 2014 ( Publisher - Al Kotob Khan )


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