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The Governor-General of Solomon Islands is the resident representative of the Solomon Islands' monarch, currently Elizabeth II. The Queen does not reside in the country but appoints a Governor-General to act on her behalf, subordinate to her, for a five-year term. Although the office holds considerable reserve powers, it is largely a symbolic figurehead position with little day-to-day involvement in government.

Governor-General of Solomon Islands
Coat of arms of the Solomon Islands.svg
Coat of Arms of the Solomon Islands
Flag of the Governor-General of the Solomon Islands.svg
Sir Frank Kabui

since 7 July 2009
StyleHis Excellency
AppointerMonarch of Solomon Islands
Term length5 years, renewable once
Formation7 July 1978
First holderSir Baddeley Devesi

Solomon Islands is a Commonwealth realm and, following independence in 1978, adopted a constitutional monarchy based on, but separate from, that of the United Kingdom. Prior to the country's independence and the establishment of this office, the islands were governed by a Governor and the Executive Council.

The Governors-General of the majority of Commonwealth realms are nominated by the Prime Minister of each realm and appointed by the Queen but in Solomon Islands, the Governor-General is nominated by the National Parliament by vote and appointed by the Queen. Although the nominee is elected by Parliament the Queen is not bound to accept that nomination for appointment, although she is likely to dissent only in extraordinary circumstances.

The current Governor-General is Sir Frank Kabui, a former High Court judge,[1] who was nominated for appointment on 15 June 2009 after four rounds of voting. Kabui polled 30 votes, Edmund Andresen eight votes and the outgoing Governor General, Sir Nathaniel Waena seven votes.[2]

Governors-General of Solomon IslandsEdit

No. Name
Tenure Notes
Took Office Left Office
1 Sir Baddeley Devesi
7 July 1978 7 July 1988 Served as Governor-General for two consecutive terms.
2 Sir George Lepping
7 July 1988 6 July 1994[3]
3 Sir Moses Pitakaka
7 July 1994 7 July 1999
4 Sir John Lapli
(born 1955)
7 July 1999 7 July 2004 Held as hostage by the MEF rebels for a few days in June 2000.
5 Sir Nathaniel Waena
(born 1945)
7 July 2004 7 July 2009
6 Sir Frank Kabui
(born 1946)
7 July 2009 Incumbent

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