Government procurement in Poland

Government procurement in Poland is regulated by the Public Procurement Law, an act of parliament of 29 January 2004.

Act of 29 January 2004 - Public Procurement Law
Ratified2 March 2004
Location Poland

The Act specifies:

  • Public procurement rules
  • Principles of contract announcement
  • Mode of public procurement procedures
  • Public procurement modes (tender in the restricted and unrestricted, competitive dialogue, negotiated procedure with publication and without notice, procurement, request for quotation, and electronic bidding)
  • The rules for selecting the best bid
  • Rules for documenting procedures
  • Rules for the conclusion of framework agreements
  • Rules for the establishment and operation of a dynamic purchasing system
  • Rules for the contest
  • Public procurement rules by concessionaires works and utilities procurement
  • Contracting rules on public procurement
  • Powers and operation of the President of Public Procurement Office
  • Principles of National Board of Appeal
  • Remedies in the proceedings of the public procurement
  • The principle of liability for violation of provisions of the Act

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