Gosiewski (Ślepowron)

Ślepowron coat of arms of the Gosiewski family

Gosiewski (Polish language plural form: Gosiewscy also Gosiewskich) is the surname of a Polish szlachta (nobility) family. Because Polish family names have different forms for genders and plural, Gosiewska is the same form for a female family member.


It seems the Gosiewski family (or Gąsiewski in old times), originates from a Knight from the Ślepowron heraldic clan, Lord of Gosie or Gosiewo, near Różan. Their estate had an area of about 9 km², and contained villages: Modzele, Ogony, part of Młynarze (Mlynarze) village between the road and Narew River, part of Kruszewo village (south part of village and terrains up to Chełsty or Chelsty). Generally the estate contained quite big terrain from Chełsty to Różan. After they became also owner of a part of a village Mroczki-Kawki Many Gosiewskis still live in Chełsty and the surrounding area. Two of the most representative members of the family were Aleksander Korwin Gosiewski, Palatine-Governor of Smolensk, Speaker of the Parliament and commander of the Polish garrison of the Moscow Kremlin. His son Lithuanian Field Commander Wincenty Korwin Gosiewski was a supporter of a strong and centralized royal power, limiting Liberum veto and a variation about how the King should be elect call Vivente rege. They were two of the most powerful and influential officers in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania of the 17th century.

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This Gosiewski family used the Ślepowron coat of arms. There are three other Gosiewski families entitled to use Korwin, Jastrzębiec coats of arms and a derivative arms named Gosiewski, according to Tadeusz Gajl's armorial.

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