Gorolo was a clan of Manchu nobility belonging to Bordered Yellow Banner

Notable figuresEdit


  • Antamu (安塔穆)
    • Sanguanbao (三官保), served as third rank literary official (侍郎)[1]
      • Daobao (道保), served as second rank military official (副都统)
      • Duopuku (多普库), served as fourth rank military official (左领)
      • Tepuku (特普库),served as fourth rank military official (左领)
      • Epuku (鄂普库), served as fifth rank literary official (郎中)
      • Tapuku (他普库)[2]
      • Jinengte (及能特)
Prince Consorts
Year Princess Prince Consort Sons Daughters
1585 Princess of the Second Rank (和硕公主) Yangšu (揚書) three sons
Princess of the Second Rank, Yanzhe Darhan (达尔汉)[3]


Imperial Consort

  • Consort
    • Consort Yi (1660–1733), the Kangxi Emperor's consort, the mother of Yunki (1680–1732), Yuntang (1683–1726) and Yinzi (1685–1696)
  • Noble Lady
    • Noble Lady, the Kangxi Emperor's noble lady, the mother of Princess Kejing (1679–1735) and Yinju (1683–1684)

Princess Consort

  • Primary Consort
    • Cuyen's first wife, the mother of Dudu (1597–1642) and Guohuan (1598–1624)
    • Yunsi's primary consort (d. 1726)
    • Yunlu's primary consort, the mother of first son (1712), Princess Duanrou (1714–1755), third son (1715), Hongshen (1717–1719), second daughter (1720–1721) and Princess (1723–1752)
  • Concubine
    • Yun'e's concubine, the mother of first son (1701), Hongxu (1703–1708), third son (1704–1709), first daughter (1706–1743) and Hongjun (1711–1771)


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