Goran Gajić

Goran Gajić (Serbian Cyrillic: Горан Гајић, born in 1962 in Zagreb) is a Serbian film, television, and theater director. He has directed media in English and Serbian.

His wife is actress Mira Furlan, and they have one son, Marko. In 1998 he directed his wife (playing Delenn) in "And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder", an episode of Babylon 5.

In 1995 he directed an award-winning adaptation of Antigone. The play was performed at Hudson Guild Theatre in Los Angeles.

He has also worked as a writer (The Seventh Day),[1] and an actor (Davitelj protiv davitelja). In the 1980s he also directed Plavi orkestar music videos for their tracks "Kad mi kažeš, Paša" and "Suada".

Filmography (director)Edit

  1. Vratiće se rode (2007/2008) - 25 episodes
  2. Pozorište u kući - 1 episode: "Taj prokleti kutnjak" (2007)
  3. The Inner Circle (2003)
  4. Sheena - 2 episodes: "Treasure of Sienna Mende" (2001), "Return of the Native" (2002)
  5. Oz - 2 episodes: "The Bill of Wrongs" (2000), "Revenge Is Sweet" (2001)
  6. Level 9 - 1 episode: "Wetware" (2001)
  7. The Beat - 1 episode: "Dark End of the Street"
  8. Babylon 5 - 1 episode: "And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder" (1998)
  9. Video jela, zelen bor (1991), a.k.a. Dear Video
  10. Ovdje nema nesretnih turista (1990)
  11. Kako je propao rokenrol (1989) (segment "Ne šalji mi pisma"), a.k.a. The Fall of Rock and Roll
  12. Laibach: Pobeda pod suncem (1988), a.k.a. Laibach: Victory Under the Sun, Laibach: Zmaga pod soncem (Yugoslavia: Slovenian title)
  13. The Seventh Day (1987)


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