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Goodbye Dear Wife (Hangul굿바이 마눌) is a 2012 South Korean television series, starring Ryu Si-won, Hong Soo-hyun and Park Ji-yoon. It aired on Channel A from May 7 to July 10, 2012 at 20:50 for 20 episodes.[1]

Goodbye Dear Wife
Goodbye Dear Wife-poster.jpg
Promotional poster for Goodbye Dear Wife
Also known as굿바이 마눌, 再見,老婆
Written byKim Pyung-joong
Directed byKim Do-hyun
StarringRyu Si-won
Hong Soo-hyun
Park Ji-yoon
Danny Ahn
Julien Kang
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
Executive producer(s)Jo Sung-won
Producer(s)Yoon Young-ha
Production location(s)Korea
Running timeMondays and Tuesdays at 20:50 (KST)
Production company(s)Verdi Media
DistributorChannel A
Original networkChannel A
Original release7 May (2012-05-07) –
10 July 2012 (2012-07-10)
Preceded byThe Strongest K-POP Survival
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The series is about a judo teacher Cha Seung-hyuk (Ryu Si-won) who is married to Kang Sun-ah (Hong Soo-hyun) who wanted to be a nun. He had dreams for reuniting his first love, Oh Hyang-gia (Park Ji-yoon), cold-hearted woman.


  • Ryu Si-won as Cha Seung-hyuk[2]
  • Hong Soo-hyun as Kang Sun-ah - Seung-hyuk's wife who was raised by nuns
  • Park Ji-yoon as Oh Hyang-gi - Seung-Hyuk's first love
  • Julien Kang as Kang Gu-ra - rival fighter to Seung-hyuk[3][4]
  • Danny Ahn as Gye Dong-hee - Seung-hyuk's friend[5]
  • Kim Min-soo as Kim Hyun-chul
  • Oh Joo-eun as Joo Ji-ae
  • Lee Yun-kyung as Lee Hae-shim
  • Jung Sung-mo as So Yong-dae
  • Oh Mi-hee as Lee Ok-boon
  • Lee Byung-joon as Gong Shin-boo
  • Yoon Sung-min as Sung-min
  • Jo Hye-soo as Oh Hyang-eun

Original soundtracksEdit

1."죽어도 넌 내 사랑" (I would die for you my love)Misty (미스티) (feat Tony An(데니안))4:02
2."광택" (Shine)Hwang Wook3:04
3."굿바이" (Goodbye)Ryu Si Won4:43
4."너는 마지막 사랑" (You are the last love)BJ SOUL4:26
5."다 지워버리면" (If you erase everything)Park Ji-yoon4:41
6."악담" (Curse)Kim Jo Han3:34
7."너 언제든지" (Whenever you go)Ryu Si Won4:07


According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the premiere episode achieved a nationwide rating of 0.84 percent in viewership.[6]


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