Good Girl (TV series)

Good Girl (Korean굿걸 : 누가 방송국을 털었나), simply known as Good Girl, is a television program that aired every Thursday at 23:00 (KST) on Mnet from May 14, 2020 to July 2, 2020.[1]

Good Girl
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Also known asGood Girl: Who Robbed The Station
Presented byDinDin
Country of originSouth Korea
Original languageKorean
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes8
ProducerChoi Yu-jin
Production locationSouth Korea
Original networkMnet
Original releaseMay 14 (2020-05-14) –
July 2, 2020 (2020-07-02)
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Popular female hip-hop and R&B artists of South Korea gather to compete as a team against other South Korean musicians to win a cash prize.[2]


Good Girl Episode 1Edit

Released on June 5, 2020 (2020-06-05)
1."Colors"Yunhway, Jamie, Sleeq, 13Score (13), Megatone (13), Luke (13), Yunhway, Jamie, SleeqYunhway, Jamie, Sleeq3:26
2."Demons"Jhnovr, Lil TachiSaewoo, JhnovrJhnovr, Lil Tachi3:28
3."I Am Lee Young Ji" (나는 이영지)Lee Young-ji, The QuiettVENLee Young-ji3:03
4."Turl" (털어)CheetahPark Woo-sangHyoyeon, Cheetah3:14
5."Work!" (오늘도)Han Yo-han, SwingsMinit, Airair, Han Yo-hanHan Yo-han, Swings2:58
Total length:16:06

Good Girl Episode 2Edit

Released on June 12, 2020 (2020-06-12)
1."Don't Cry For Me"Sleeq, Ailee, EastWest (1by1), Yoske, KnobEastWest (1by1), Yoske, Yeul (1by1)Ailee, Sleeq3:48
2."Gray Zone (feat. Chillin Homie)"Ravi, Chillin HomieRavi, Quizquiz, Chillin HomieRavi2:54
3."Native Booty (feat. Takuwa)" (신토Booty)Queen Wasabii, TakuwaSavage House GangQueen Wasabii2:48
4."One More Night"YunhwayMirror Boy (220Volt), YunhwayYunhway2:45
5."9Lives"Hayley Aitken, Olof Lindskog, Gavin JonesHayley Aitken, Olof Lindskog, Gavin Jones, 72Hyolyn3:23
Total length:15:34

Good Girl Episode 3Edit

Released on June 19, 2020 (2020-06-19)
1."Witch" (마녀사냥)88247 (13), Score (13), Megatone (13), Yeeun, Jamie, Jiwoo, CheetahMinit, 88247 (13), Score (13), Megatone (13), Luke (13), JamieYeeun, Jiwoo, Jamie, Cheetah, Hyoyeon3:54
2."Money Serenade (feat. Wonstein, Kim Seung-min)" (머니 세레나데)Mommy Son, Wonstein, Kim Seung-minO!ntment, WonsteinMommy Son3:40
3."Barbie"Score (13), Megatone (13), 88247 (13)Score (13), Megatone (13), 88247 (13)Yeeun3:32
Total length:11:05

Good Girl Episode 4Edit

Released on June 26, 2020 (2020-06-26)
1."That's My Girl !!!" (댓츠마걸 !!!)Yunhway, Lee Young-jiSaewooYunhway, Lee Young-ji3:25
2."We won" (이겨 우리가 어차피)Nafla, LoopySavage House Gang, Nafla, LoopyNafla, Loopy3:00
3."Knife" (썰어)Hangzoo, Geegooin, Boi BButterscotchRhythm Power3:01
4."GG"YoskeEastWest, Yoske, Savage House GangAilee, Hyoyeon, Jiwoo3:16
Total length:12:42

Good Girl FinalEdit

Released on July 3, 2020 (2020-07-03)
1."Sorry for winning" (잘나가서 미안)Queen Wasabii, Sleeq, KoheinSavage House Gang, Queen Wasabii, Sleeq, KoheinQueen Wasabii, Sleeq3:24
2."Moonlight"Score (13), Megatone (13), 88247 (13), Jamie, CheetahScore (13), Megatone (13), 88247 (13)Jamie, Cheetah2:58
3."Wet"G-high, Yoon Jong-sung, Reda (MonoTree)G-high, Yoon Jong-sung, Reda (MonoTree)Jiwoo3:15
4."Mermaid (feat. Rohann)" (목소리)Jinri (Full8loom), RohannYoungkwang's Faces (Full8loom), Jinri (Full8loom)Yeeun3:33
5."I Do What I Want"Lee Young-jiPark Hae-il (Yummy Tone), Jerry Potter (Yummy Tone), Lee Young-jiLee Young-ji, Hyoyeon3:26
6."Grenade"Yoske, Alive Knob, Ailee, YunhwayEastWest, Yoske, 91.6 (1by1), Alive Knob, YunhwayYunhway, Ailee3:09


Ep. # Original Airdate Nielsen Korea Ratings Nationwide[3]
1 May 14, 2020 0.4%[4]
2 May 21, 2020 0.3%
3 May 28, 2020 0.3%
4 June 4, 2020 0.3%
5 June 11, 2020 0.3%
6 June 18, 2020 0.3%
7 June 25, 2020 0.4%
8 July 2, 2020 0.3%


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