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"Goin' Blind" is a song by American hard rock band Kiss, written by Gene Simmons and Stephen Coronel; it is sometimes referred to as "Going Blind". The song originally appeared on the band's second album, 1974's Hotter Than Hell. The original working title for the song was "Little Lady".

"Goin' Blind"
Song by Kiss
from the album Hotter Than Hell
ReleasedOctober 22, 1974
RecordedAugust 1974
Songwriter(s)Gene Simmons, Stephen Coronel
Producer(s)Kenny Kerner and Richie Wise

Sung by Simmons, "Goin' Blind" is the band's first ballad. The lyrics are about a 93-year-old man wanting to speak with a 16-year-old girl.[1]

Live performancesEdit

It was rarely performed live by Kiss until it appeared in acoustic form on the Kiss Unplugged MTV performance, and was released on the subsequent live album from the show. It next appeared on Kiss Symphony: Alive IV, again in acoustic form, although this time the song was performed with the Melbourne Symphony Ensemble.

In December 2005, the band released Rock the Nation, a double-DVD documentary of the 2004 tour. It included, as a bonus track, the first commercially released live electric version of "Goin' Blind".

Cover versionsEdit

The Melvins recorded the song in 1993 for their Houdini album and again in 2005 for their A Live History of Gluttony and Lust live album. Dinosaur Jr recorded the song in 1994 for the Kiss My Ass: Classic Kiss Regrooved tribute album. The Melvins version was also submitted for the album, but Gene Simmons chose the Dinosaur Jr version.[2]

An acoustic version of the song was released by Dramarama on their 1996 greatest hits album Best of Dramarama: 18 Big Ones.

Eric Singer Project, led by Kiss drummer Eric Singer and also featuring former Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick, recorded a version on their 1998 all-covers debut album Lost and Spaced

A neo-baroque version appeared on the String Quartet Tribute to Kiss album.


Canadian progressive rock band Rush, who had opened for Kiss during both bands' early years, poked fun at this song with "I Think I'm Going Bald", from their 1975 album Caress of Steel. In the book Contents Under Pressure, Rush frontman Geddy Lee explained: "We were touring a lot with Kiss in those days and they had a song called 'I Think I'm Going Blind.' So we were kind of taking the piss out of that title by just coming up with this." Lee noted that the title originated with Rush drummer Neil Peart, who was making light of the fact that guitarist Alex Lifeson was constantly worried about the future possibility of going bald, often employing "all kinds of ingredients to put on his scalp. And I think it just got Neil thinking about aging..."[3]


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