Gohin Baluchor (Bengali: গহীন বালুচর) is a 2017 Bangladeshi drama film directed by Badrul Anam Saud and starring Suborna Mustafa, Raisul Islam Asad, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Afroza Banu, Jeetu Ahsan, Runa Khan, Shormi Mala, Shahana Rahman Sumi, Neelanjona Neela, Abu Hurayra Tanvir, Jannatun Nur Moon[1]

Gohin Baluchor
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গহীন বালুচর
Directed byBadrul Anam Saud
Written byBadrul Anam Saud
Produced bySuborna Mustafa and Badrul Anam Saud
CinematographyKomol Chandra Das
Edited byBadrul Anam Saud
Music byEmon Shaha
Shaatkahon and Friends Movies International
Distributed byJaaz Multimedia
Release date
  • December 29, 2017 (2017-12-29)
Running time
148 minutes

Plot edit

This film is about a love story between a boy and a girl living in a village (Dapdapia under the Nalchity upazila of Jhalokathi District) which is very near of a sugandha river. One day a piece of floating land (Chor) rises in the water. This piece of land was once submerged in the river. The feud between two villages over the ownership of the risen land and the fate of the star crossed lovers will unfold in this film. The story will mirror the longing desires, determined struggles, hope & frustration, personal interest, big or little sorrows and happiness of the villagers.

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Release edit

Previously announced the movie release date is October 20, But the director has decided to release on December 29, 2017. The movie was released in 28 cinemas. The reason is the success of Dhaka Attack, Saud explains, "At this moment, the picture of Dipankar Deepan, Director of Dhaka Attack is doing very well. We both worked on a small screen. The first picture of both So I turned my picture behind." The story, 'Gohin Baluchor', is a dialogue and screenplay, written by director Saud himself.[2]

References edit

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